Motherhood Encouragement

You are enough. Don’t listen to them. Do LESS.   When I started REALLY looking at my children, the simplicity of what makes them tick, and let that wash over me, I was struck with how LITTLE I needed to do in order to make them happy and meet their needs.  And once their needs Read More

Easy Gift Ideas for Year-round

A short and sweet blog post with links right to my favorite things!  These easy gift ideas for year-round will certainly have a present that will fit the bill. Alcohol, the gift that keeps on giving. Wine2Go. When you need your wine, but not that pesky glass bottle.  Silicone glasses are available as well! Vinebox. Read More

DIY Swing Set

The Challenge: DIY Swing Set When we moved into this house, I was determined to find an affordable, sturdy, and age-appropriate swing set for our kids for the backyard. We live in a region with great weather most of the time, and I wanted our kids to be outside enjoying it.  They had a Fisher Read More

5 Last Minute Fall Crafts

Almost done taking your Halloween decorations down? Not ready to give in to the Christmas hype QUITE yet?  Make it seem like you MEANT to wait this long to really bring the fall cheer.  Here are 5 super easy crafts that you can do quickly, maybe after a quick trip to the grocery, craft, or Read More

clean glass shower

3 Proven Methods To Clean Your Glass Shower Door

Cleaning Can Kiss My Glass I used to think I enjoyed cleaning.  Then I had kids.  Now, I see little point in cleaning when all of my work will be trashed as soon as my kids get home from school.  So, I’m reluctant to put much effort into housework these days.  As long as we Read More